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How do I include categorical predictors in my regression model?

One common problem researchers face when running a regression analysis is how to include categorical predictors. Unlike using continuous variables, which you can simply add with not previous manipulation, including categorical predictors need some extra work in performing the analysis … Continue reading

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Cross tabulation: What’s the appropriate test?

Let’s start by defining what a cross tabulation or, more commonly called, crosstab is. A cross tabulation, also known as contingency table, is a two dimensional table that reports the number of participants (i.e. observations) whose characteristics fall in each cell of the table. … Continue reading

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Bringing statistics to the people

I have been a researcher and biostatistician for over a decade. I have written grants, papers and many statistical reports, yet I never thought about starting my own blog and talk about what I am good at. But we are in the … Continue reading

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