Online surveys: things to know about designing them

For many researchers online survey tools such as survey monkey have really changed their lives. Online surveys,  not only it make designing a questionnaire easy but it also provides access to your target population. Those days of hard fieldwork knocking on doors or stopping people on their way to the supermarket are gone. All you have to do now is wait in front of your computer for your respondents’ answers to come to you.
But there are a few things you should be aware of if you are relatively new to survey

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When do I need to use a one-way ANOVA and how do I interpret the results?

Let’s start by defining when a one-way Analysis of Variance is adequate. One of the assumptions in the one-way ANOVA is that the dependent variable is of a continuous nature and the independent variable is categorical. A categorical variable takes values that represent characteristics such as gender (male, female), location (rural, urban, metro).

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How do I include categorical predictors in my regression model?

One common problem researchers face when running a regression analysis is how to include categorical predictors. Unlike using continuous variables, which you can simply add with not previous manipulation, including categorical predictors need some extra work in performing the analysis as well as in interpreting the results.

Let’s start with the simplest case of binary variables, that is, two level categorical

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Cross tabulation: What’s the appropriate test?

Let’s start by defining what a cross tabulation or, more commonly called, crosstab isA cross tabulation, also known as contingency table, is a two dimensional table that reports the number of participants (i.e. observations) whose characteristics fall in each cell of the table. It is widely used in market research and also in scientific research. It represents the relationship between two categorical variables, which can be of a nominal or ordinal

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Bringing statistics to the people

I have been a researcher and biostatistician for over a decade. I have written grants, papers and many statistical reports, yet I never thought about starting my own blog and talk about what I am good at. But we are in the internet era and it seems that you are nobody unless you have your own blog, so here I am . I apologize in advance if I am not the best writer, after all numbers are my thing 🙂

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