Statistics Consulting for Any Field

Whether you need a statistics tutor or qualified statistician services for your dissertation or research, we can help. Dr. Raquel Andres provides statistics consulting for any type of research project.


Superior Services

We provide consulting services to organizations that perform data gathering and research, as well as to graduate students writing their dissertations. We assist with study hypotheses, plan design, power calculations, design of data collection instruments, database structure, and data analysis. We can also help you use non-parametric statistics for small samples or not normally distributed data.

We also provide assistance with results interpretation, APA table formatting, as well as editing and reviewing methodology and results chapters. Dr. Andres has expertise in meta-analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, linear mixed models, and panel data.

Whether you work in psychology, social sciences, medicine, biochemistry, geology, economics, or any other research field, you can be sure you will receive accurate and quality assistance.


Qualified Consulting

Dr. Andres has an MSc and a Ph.D. in biometrics and statistics from the prestigious University of Barcelona. She was a Research Fellow at STICERD, London School of Economics, and a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University.

With her extensive research experience, no matter how challenging the task, Dr. Andres will always provide the optimal solution to your needs. Please see the about
and resume page for more information about her qualifications.

If you would like to begin your initial consultation, please contact Dr. Andres today. Use the online form to send a message with any of your questions or to schedule a phone call, and you will receive a reply within 24 hours. For those in other countries or who have other communication needs, a Skype call can be scheduled.

We look forward to helping you with all of your statistical needs.