Statistics Consulting

Sometimes you need an expert in data analysis for your research to make sure you are using the adequate techniques to overcome challenges in your data. Or, sometimes, you don’t have enough time to do your own research and you need to hire a statistics consultant you can trust that does it for you. For consulting help on statistics that will improve your methodology and research, choose Andres Statistics Consulting.

Dr. Raquel Andres, Ph.D., is an accomplished statistician. Since 1999, she has worked as a statistician in public health, behavioral sciences, and business applications. With a Ph.D. in biometrics and statistics, she is passionate about providing affordable and reliable consulting services to researchers in universities and nonprofits. Whether you are writing a paper or conducting research, consult with Andres Statistics Consulting.

Quality Consulting

Statistics Consulting can help you with every step of the way with the following services:

  • Formulating study hypotheses
  • Designing data collection instruments (e.g. surveys or questionnaires)
  • Providing sample plan design and power calculations
  • Checking database structure and consistency
  • Conducting non-parametric statistics for small studies
  • Performing data analysis
  • Testing for mediation, moderation, or moderated mediation
  • Interpreting results
  • Preparing APA-formatted tables
  • Reviewing and editing methodology and results sections
  • Helping with manuscript revision

We will conduct data analysis using the adequate statistical techniques from simple cross-tabulations to complex multilevel or hierarchical models. Dr. Andres also has expertise in linear mixed models, panel data, survival analysis, repeated measures MANCOVA, and meta-analytic structural equation modeling (MASEM).

Reliable Services

Andres Statistics Consulting is dedicated to providing you with the consulting services you need to complete your research or dissertation at an affordable rate. We charge in blocks of four hours with the first four hours provided at an introductory rate.

Dr. Andres is also prompt to respond to queries and is flexible with scheduling meetings, which makes consulting with an outstanding statistician and receiving the assistance you need on your schedule convenient and possible.

Contact Dr. Andres to receive a quote by emailing or filling out an online contact form.