Statistics Consultant for Doctoral Students and Researchers


Data Analysis Services

Do you need help with data analysis for your dissertation, paper or research project? Are you looking for a statistics tutor or consultant?

My name is Dr. Raquel Andres, I hold a PhD in biometrics and statistics and I have worked as a statistician in public health, behavioral sciences, and business applications.

How can a statistics tutor help me?

As a statistics tutor I can give you peace of mind by helping you succeed in your academic goals.I have been tutoring PhD and other graduate students for many years in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Medicine, Education and Economics from prestigious universities, among them Columbia University, London School of Economics (LSE) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Why hire a statistics consultant?

As a statistics consultant I can help you with the data analysis for your research proposal or paper and provide you support in all the stages of your project from study design to presentation of findings. I have helped numerous researchers and faculty providing consulting services for journal and conference articles, grand proposals as well as research studies, having worked with organizations around the globe from University of Bern in Switzerland to the Cleveland Clinic of Ohio to the Georgia Aquarium.

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